Cecilia-Makeup and Hair

 Last year Cecilia got me to do her hair and makeup for her work function. Was really excited that she had asked me to do her hair and makeup again this year for a wedding function. She wanted something which wasn’t too structured and tight , so this was more of a soft updo which matched really nicely with her maxi dress.

Cecilia didn’t really like anything too heavy and dark, so I just enhanced her features. Eyeshadows were a golden shimmery shade. She has really good skin, so only a foundation was used to give her a natural, radiant glow


Hair and makeup for groom’s mum and sis in law

The groom’s mum and sis in law came down from England for his wedding, so it was a treat for them having their makeup and hair done for his special day. Mum wanted something quite natural. Smoothed out her skin with foundation and concealer and accentuated her eyes with black liquid eyeliner. My favourite eyeliner ( Stila Stay All day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner). She is used to having grey tone eyeshadow so I applied a matte ivory base all over her lid as a base and matte grey shadow into her socket and blended the colours out.

For her hair she wanted a french twist for the sophisticated look. Mum’s hair was quite thin, however after doing her hair up and using the right products, her hair looked very voluminous! Lovely!!

lizzie mum

The groom’s sis in law wanted an updo with curls pinned back. She wanted a more relaxed look with some curls flowing from the front. For makeup she doesn’t wear much makeup so I applied a warm bronzy/brown shade that really suited her eyes and her skin tone.

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Hair and makeup for Lelian and mum

This was a special occassion for Lelian and her mum as Leilan’s brother was getting married. I had such a good chat with both of them..I love my job because I get to do what I love and getting to meet new people.

Lelian liked braids with a high bun. So in order to achieve braids from the bottom up, I had to get Lelian to flip her head down so I could braid her hair starting from the nape of the neck. Thankfully I did this rather quickly before she started feeling dizzy! All the hair was gathered at the top into a very high pony tail and then a big bun was formed!

Lelian’s mum is not used to having much makeup so I accentuated her features. Hope you guys had a wonderful time at the wedding and thank you for having me!


Wedding- Hair and makeup

So one of my dear friend Kathleen referred us to her hubby’s cousin (Kheng), whose son was getting married. It was last minute but Ange and I were thrilled to be able to help with the makeup and hair for her daughters Jess, Sarah and her mum.  Kheng’s sis wanted makeup only. It was their first wedding in the family , so the whole family was super excited about it! Jess and Sarah were the MC’s for the reception.

I gave Sarah some loose curls to boost the volume in her hair. Her eyeshadow was a lovely burgundy tone with a deeper red lipstick. Jess wanted a unstructured side curls up on the side with volume on top. She also wanted smokey eyes  .Her mum and sister wanted a natural look so we applied a coverage which was enough to last the whole day but not look caked on. Very gorgeous family I must say!

foster1 foster2

foster5 foster4