Bridal Makeup                                            $110.00

Bridesmaid Makeup                                  $  90.00

Mother of the Bride Makeup                    $ 90.00

Special Occasion Makeup                         $ 90.00

Flower Girl Makeup                                  $  50.00

Flower Girl Makeup(under 5) – complimentary (Blush and Lip Gloss only)

Makeup Trial                                              $  90.00



Bridal Hair                                                 $ 120.00

Bridesmaid Hair                                        $   90.00

Mother of the Bride Hair                         $   90.00

Flower Girl Hair                                        $   50.00

Special Occasion Hair                              $   90.00

Hair Trial                                                   $   100.00


**A minimum spending of $100 is needed for all mobile services. Travel charges apply(enquire within). A parking fee(per stylist) will be charged for destinations that do not provide free parking.

An initial non-refundable deposit of $50(deductable from total bill) is required to confirm the booking. Deposit will not be refunded once the booking is confirmed.

Early start fee of $20 is required for early starts before 7.00am.

Payment can be made in cash or bank transfer.

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