Hair and makeup for groom’s mum and sis in law

The groom’s mum and sis in law came down from England for his wedding, so it was a treat for them having their makeup and hair done for his special day. Mum wanted something quite natural. Smoothed out her skin with foundation and concealer and accentuated her eyes with black liquid eyeliner. My favourite eyeliner ( Stila Stay All day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner). She is used to having grey tone eyeshadow so I applied a matte ivory base all over her lid as a base and matte grey shadow into her socket and blended the colours out.

For her hair she wanted a french twist for the sophisticated look. Mum’s hair was quite thin, however after doing her hair up and using the right products, her hair looked very voluminous! Lovely!!

lizzie mum

The groom’s sis in law wanted an updo with curls pinned back. She wanted a more relaxed look with some curls flowing from the front. For makeup she doesn’t wear much makeup so I applied a warm bronzy/brown shade that really suited her eyes and her skin tone.

PhotoGrid_1421581228830 (1)

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Corrine is an experienced makeup artist and hair stylist for over 8 years specialising in the Bridal industry, Formals, Corporate Events and many special occasions. Corrine will ensure that your perfect look will be achieved on your special day, using only the highest quality products.

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