Hair and makeup for Lelian and mum

This was a special occassion for Lelian and her mum as Leilan’s brother was getting married. I had such a good chat with both of them..I love my job because I get to do what I love and getting to meet new people.

Lelian liked braids with a high bun. So in order to achieve braids from the bottom up, I had to get Lelian to flip her head down so I could braid her hair starting from the nape of the neck. Thankfully I did this rather quickly before she started feeling dizzy! All the hair was gathered at the top into a very high pony tail and then a big bun was formed!

Lelian’s mum is not used to having much makeup so I accentuated her features. Hope you guys had a wonderful time at the wedding and thank you for having me!


Published by Corrine Makeup Hair

Corrine is an experienced makeup artist and hair stylist for over 8 years specialising in the Bridal industry, Formals, Corporate Events and many special occasions. Corrine will ensure that your perfect look will be achieved on your special day, using only the highest quality products.

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