Hairstyle – Side bun

Jess requested for curls up on the side in a bun.


Shirley -Makeup and hair trial

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Shirley knew exactly what she liked at her trial! For her hair she wanted a high bun which doesn’t look too structured. Something that looks quite natural but still very elegant. I backcombed her hair for more volume in the bun. She also liked her fringe to fall naturally and not too much hairspray.

For her makeup, she doesn’t anything that is too cakey. She wanted me to accentuate her eyes, so for her eyeshadows i applied a satin pink shade with an earthy purply tone on the outer corner. She told me she also usually wears these shades of colours and she loved it.  I applied a shimmery creamy shadow in the inner corner and also fake natural lashes.

Two different hairstyles for Steph’s bridal trial

For Steph’s trial, she couldn’t decide if she would like it all up or curls on one side. I suggested to her that I could do 2 hairstyles so she can then see which one she likes better. There is a braid on the right side of Steph’s hair as well.  I like the updo style on her better as I think she looks more elegant and the style suits her better. What do you guys think?