Pre Wedding – Audrey

I was thrilled when Audrey asked if I could do her makeup and hair for he pre-wedding photoshoot and for her wedding! Audrey wanted a natural wave and simple makeup for her casual pre wedding photoshoot taken in Mt Dandenong. Some lovely photos of Audrey and Gabriel below taken by her photographer Kim Cartmell!

Shirley -Makeup and hair trial

Shirley knew exactly what she liked at her trial! For her hair she wanted a high bun which doesn’t look too structured. Something that looks quite natural but still very elegant. I backcombed her hair for more volume in the bun. She also liked her fringe to fall naturally and not too much hairspray. For herContinue reading “Shirley -Makeup and hair trial”

Wedding – Gel

Congratulatons on your big day Gel!  I woke up at 3.45am to get to Gel’s place by 5am! This is probably the earliest that I’ve woken up for a wedding job, but it’s great, no traffic at all! 😛 Geraldine wanted something not too heavy for her makeup and a soft updo. Lighting wasn’t theContinue reading “Wedding – Gel”

Two different hairstyles for Steph’s bridal trial

For Steph’s trial, she couldn’t decide if she would like it all up or curls on one side. I suggested to her that I could do 2 hairstyles so she can then see which one she likes better. There is a braid on the right side of Steph’s hair as well.  I like the updoContinue reading “Two different hairstyles for Steph’s bridal trial”

Wedding – Abigail

Congratulations beautiful bride Abigail! Thank you for allowing me to do your makeup on your special day.. it turned out to be a beautiful , sunny day .  Hope you had a wonderful wedding!

Wedding – Ava

Congratulations to today’s bride Ava!  Ava is super relaxed and such a bubbly girl…makes my job so enjoyable! After getting her hair and makeup done, she even had time to do makeup for one of her friend! How sweet is that! Her hairstyle is a waterfall braid with curls swept to one side. I’m findingContinue reading “Wedding – Ava”

Wedding – Sue

Congratulations to today’s beautiful bride Sue! All the products that I use are suitable for sensitive skin. Sue’s skin is very sensitive and she was a bit apprehensive at first to have makeup put on her at the trial. After the trial she was so happy with all the products that I used on her asContinue reading “Wedding – Sue”

Wedding – Ivy

Woke up at 4am this morning to get to Ivy’s place by 5.30am!On the way to her place  , I was greeted by the supermoon!.. super huge and round. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop to take a photo as I was travelling via the freeway. Made my morning! Ivy wanted the same look that I did forContinue reading “Wedding – Ivy”